Environmental Impact Reports

Isn't Study Abroad Part of the Problem?


Under threat from climate change, educators should turn a sharper eye to the impact study abroad and other international academic travel has on the planet as well as communities abroad. A more detailed approach that is scientifically and socially informed can help universities develop more refined strategies in sustainable initiatives that preserve international activities.

Bound International creates custom-made and scientifically-based reports based on study abroad activities in-country, in addition to flights to and from the site. We also provide reports for other types of international academic travel, including faculty and staff business travel abroad. Activity is gleaned from programming details and a consulting session accompanies the report in order to assist the university with options for mitigating environmental impact.

Bound International’s Environmental Impact Reports

include assessments of the following activities:

  • Detailed flight paths
  • Ground transportation (type, frequency)
  • Food sourcing
  • Social Water usage
  • Energy usage
  • Compost and waste activity
  • Sustainable vendor usage
  • Circular economy action
  • Hotel sustainability
  • Training, hiring and opportunities for local residents

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