What We Do

Environmental Awareness and Tech Solutions for Educational Institutions

Bound International

Climate Impact Education

  • Provide customized profiles.Bound International will use contemporary scientific methods to educate institutions and individual travelers about the environmental impact associated with their international educational travel activities.
  • Recommend comprehensive solutions to advance Climate Action. Bound International will help institutions and individual travelers identify opportunities to help offset commitments to international travel and mitigate environmental impact.
  • Promote the value of international travel. Bound International will utilize research, human patterns, and personal testimonies to illustrate the indefatigable importance of academic mobility.

Technology Solutions

  • Offer structured COIL. Bound International will identify academic partners abroad and offer a custom-made, integrative, culturally-appropriate platform by which universities can execute effective Collaborative Online International Learning, complete with intercultural assessment of learning and teaching outcomes.
  • Cultivate innovative technology. Bound International will create and/or promote awareness of innovations in technology that can advance international education.
  • Train and network faculty. Bound International will familiarize faculty with key technology features, best practice in teaching remotely and facilitating intercultural learning in relation to their own teaching and scholarship.
Bound International
Bound International

Community Resources

  • Host free webinars for industry development. Bound International will recruit experts and provide critical information at the intersection of academic travel, climate change, and technology.
  • Profile research and initiatives worldwide. Bound International will source research opportunities abroad for students and faculty and engage with communities and organizations abroad that are in support of Climate Action and Climate Justice.
  • Credential climate impact education. Bound International will offer timely and affordable educational credentials pertaining to Climate Action, Climate Justice, Intercultural Engagement, and critical technologies using a multi-disciplinary approach.


  • Provide capacity. Bound International will assist colleges and universities increase critical capacity in online learning, sustainability initiatives, international travel, and intercultural engagement to sustain their commitment to developing global citizenship.
  • Consolidate goals. Bound International will partner with education abroad providers to develop or promote key programs and Climate Action and Climate Justice initiatives to increase student participation.
  • Global empowerment. Bound International will actively pursue partnerships and resources to support Climate Action and Climate Justice taking place around the world, particularly within more at-risk communities.
  • Work in solidarity. Bound International will welcome opportunities to work with or on behalf of industries and corporations committed to the strongest ethics in achieving a more sustainable future for the planet.
Bound International